Tip-top bathroom for 20 minutes
Tip-top bathroom for 20 minutes
With a list of tasks that you can attach to the door of your bathroom you will easily achieve what you want, a clean bathroom that's shining. Adopt habits that will not take more time than washing your hands and then enjoy!

Sparkling tiles, clean bathtub and always fresh smell in your bathroom looks like a mission impossible? With the help of a good organization in just a few minutes a day you will achieve what you wish for.

Here is the list of things you need to do on a daily basis. These tasks will take away a few minutes a day, but the results will delight you.

Rinse the sink for 30 seconds
Wiping the toilet seat for 15 seconds
Cleaning the toilet bowl brush for 15 seconds
Wiping mirrors and shelves for 15 seconds
Wiping the door of the shower cabin for 30 seconds

List of things you need to do once a week
Scrubbing bathtubs with abstergent 3 minutes
Wiping the floor in the bathroom 5 minutes
Scrubbing the tiles in the bath 5 minutes
Wiping bathroom cabinets and doors 5 minutes
Empty and wash garbage bin 30 seconds

List of things that need to be done each month
If you have curtains in the bath they should be removed and washed once a month and according to the instructions on the product.

Once a month empty the cabinets, wash them inside and get rid of products that you do not use or that have expired.

Wipe all the taps, find the tool that will restore their shine and polish them.
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