Yacht of a billion dollars
Yacht of a billion dollars
Island Yacht Design company prepares a spectacle for all the lovers of luxury on the water: a yacht named "Streets of Monaco", which will cost a 1.1 billion dollars.

This spectacular ship is 155 meters long, and it is inspired by the sights of Monte Carlo, and so on it will also be a smaller version of famous Casino, the Hotel de Paris, and even cross-car racing. Instead of the standard deck, vessel of the ship will have buildings and instead of platform it will have a beach with a swimming pool.

'Streets of Monaco' is planned for 70 crew members and 16 guests for which will be available three floors and 445 square meters, and a helicopter pad, jacuzzi-bar, tennis courts, swimming pools, a cinema and a waterfall.

"It is essentially a city on the water," said CEO Rob Mekferson, adding that with this yacht he would like to show the style and refinement of the Principality of Monaco.
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