Writing a Topic
Writing a Topic
When you write some topic, it's not necessary to write your text from start to finish. With your detailed outline, you can write each piece separately if you prefer. One thing you might want to consider, however, is to always try to complete a part or segment before you close up shop for the day. You will run the risk of forgetting your line of thinking when you next sit down. If you must leave a part undone, take a few moments to make a few notes that will jog your memory when you are ready to write again. As you write, if you find that Part C of Segment 2 now works best as Part A of Segment 1, you can easily re-structure your work. Just be sure you tidy up after yourself. If Part B of Segment 2 refers to what was Part C in Segment 2, then you need to correct that reference. Think of your target audience and write to that level. If you are addressing children, write in short, simple sentences. If you are writing for working women, use language and terms that pertain to their profession. Writing in lofty prose and substituting a five-dollar version of a fifty-cent adjective will not necessarily prove you are an effective or even good writer.
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