The world's longest film
The world's longest film
Danish film lasting 240 hours was announced as the longest film ever made, and it will be shown at the Festival of Modern Art in Helsinki.

Science-fiction movie called "Modern Times Forever" which was filmed by Danish art group Superfleks, accelerated destruction of the building showing the seat of the Finnish Stora Enso paper factory in Helsinki. Moved into the future, after the disappearance of the human race, viewers will watch ten days of ruining buildings, destroyed due to the passage of time, environmental changes and precipitation.

The IHME festival director PaulSolvents said that according to their information, it is the longest film in the world. Stora Enso headquarters factory, built by the project of the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, has become theme of the film, it is almost as monumental symbol of power. The film will be shown outdoors on a large screen area of 40 square meters, across the street from Stora Enso in Helsinki.
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