Work addiction is like a drug
Work addiction is like a drug
Work addiction is a disease that often people are not even aware of. Workaholics are working around the clock, they can not relax and just be a little lazy, and if they do not work they fall into a crisis, they begin to lose control of themselves, says Deutsche Welle. Psychologist Stefan Popelrojter said for the Deutsche Welle that most people that are addicted to work are not even aware of that.

By his estimate, the number of patients in Germany over the past ten years has doubled and reached the number of about 400,000 people. In addition, there is also a very large number of those who are potentially at risk of this disease - the one in seven employees.

Professor Holger Heide from the University of Bremen, which had been scientifically researched this phenomenon, says that addiction of the work is very difficult to be precisely define. "It's not just about those who work, but everything is connected with a strong fixation on achieving outstanding results and success."

That person, therefore, is not just someone who works twelve hours a day. Unlike the people who simply spend many hours working, an addict is often under the great fear of losing control, and when he do not work he's showing typical signs of abstainers: restlessness, irritability, insomnia.

Deutsche Welle lead to the case of Michael Keller where because of the job a really important things in life have begun to play only a supporting role, as family, friends, and even death of mother - they were all pushed back. Keller has found a way out of his illness by spending the seven weeks in a special clinic in the group "anonymous addicts to work" which is along with six others founded in Hanover six years ago.
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