Women still lie better
Women still lie better
You've probably wondered if other couples have more frequent and more interesting sex life than you or they are just talking about empty talks in order to hide their own dissatisfaction. We bring you a British study in which it revealed how men and women, cheating partners and what percent of them forgave that betrayal. One thing is for sure, fraud is as sweet for men as for women.
12 percent of respondents admitted having the emotional and sexual deception, while the 8 were having sex only.
"People are not animals and they can control their emotions and make reasonable decisions, "says psychologist Gary Wood.
The age in which women are most prone to fraud are twenties and sixties, which indicates that the crisis of middle-aged men in fact is a myth because women do that as well.
The survey showed that 16 percent of women ages from 50 to 59 years are not considered partner's cheating as a reason for a break up or a divorce.
And older men are very gentle when it comes to cheating of their partner so that as many as 76 percent said 'goodbye' to their wives and then received them. A surprising fact is that 42 percent of surveyed men of all ages proved to forgive their partners affair.
Men are the most faithful between the ages of 40 and 49 years because then they are caring about their children and families, and parental obligations to them are on the first place.
A male friend or colleague is the most common choice for women who want adventures, and six of the ten confirmed that their partners were never revealed their affair.
It seems that women still better lie because even 74 percent successfully hidden their betrayal.
37 percent of females aged 50 to 59 years admitted that their marriage ended because some affairs were discovered, and those aged 20 to 49 are not considered that as a sufficient cause for terminating the relationship.
Only 8 percent of marriages broke up only because of man's or woman's cheating.
Despite these data, however there is a reason to believe in marriage and a stable relationship. Most of the women, as many as 88 percent are faithful to their partners and they enjoy a harmonious marriage.
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