Women often use Facebook
Women often use Facebook
A study that was recently conducted in Britain revealed that the prejudices of a gap in computer literacy between parents and their children is not quite true. This time, the survey was oriented on the comparison between mothers and their children and it came to some interesting results. The data show that mothers use the Internet and social networks in a way to transfer their experience and friendship to the field of social networks and they use them to increase their circle of acquaintances, according to Britain's Daily Telegraph. Tammi Williams, one of the researchers on the project, said that she came up with interesting results on the profile of women who use social networks. The researchers divided the results into several groups.

'Conformist' that use the Internet and social networks as a tool for entertainment, communication and relaxation.

'Activists' characterized by the use of virtual networks as a platform to raise awareness on general issues and problems, and for the help for the ones who need it.

'All about me' - this group is characterized by the use of the Internet to highlight themselves through images and messages about their own achievements.

'Business' women use the Internet only in emphasizing business activities.

While details like the exact number of study subjects and the publication in which it is published is not yet known, previously published information shed new light on the details of who are the members of the 'internet generation'.
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