Women's obsession with shoes
Women's obsession with shoes
For years, books have been written about the women's fascination with shoes but the secret is never completely revealed, and on the list of male-female relationships the shoes occupy the first place.

Men will never understand the subtle relationship that exists between each pair of shoes and their owners, as well as the assertion that a woman can never have too many shoes.

Shoes are one of the oldest of human inventions, although they were only the beginning of construction of the bride grass, leather or fur, that protect the feet from sharp rocks and cold.

Footwear is often mentioned in the Bible and paintings of shoes were discovered on the walls of Egyptian temples and tombs for the Pharaohs. However, only around 1850. it began to distinguish left and right shoes, because until then most of the shoemaker made the shoes with the same rules for both legs.

The invention of the first shoes with the heel is attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. Shoes with high heels was the first hit among the stronger half of the European aristocracy, which has a very simple explanation. At that time the horse was part of everyday life, a slightly higher heel securing the stability of your feet in stirrups. For a macho type of men the heel served to stay in the saddle.

As the riding mainly engaged in the rich people, because poor people during that time had to work, heels soon became a status symbol, so the shoes for riding are soon transferred to everyday life. Men who were at that time kept to themselves walked on the heels.

The wedding of Catherine Medichy and the Duke of Orleans 1533. was introduced in high heels and women's fashion. Namely, a young couple had the wedding shoes with heels of the famous masters of Florence, who in those days were best. When the royal bride walked her pair of shoes, these shoes have become a hit among the members of European aristocracy. And so began the drive for high heels ... the next 200 years, the higher was the status of the ladies in the society, the higher was the heel.

Then the French Revolution, along with numerous others many important achievements, changed the attitude towards the heels. Suddenly it became inappropriate to show any sign of Nobles: Heel height is reduced, and the ladies were again close to Earth. In the late 19th century, high heels are beginning to return to fashion, and since then they were constantly present.

Throughout history, the shoes, especially women shoes, was getting more and more important in fashion, cultural and phenomenological sense, and today in the 21st century, received a very flattering title of largest female fetish. As most of women never have nothing to wear and they are never skinny enough, so there is never not enough shoes in their closet.

Italians were the first to realize the need for women's unrestrained possession of good shoes, Italian shoes, so to this day considered the finest in the world. Shoes for women have magical powers, like the glass shoe that helped Cinderella to get her prince.
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