Why is cooking so important?
Why is cooking so important?
A way to the male heart really is through his stomach. It's confirmed by an Italian study.

The subjects of an Italian company that manufactures pasta are confirm the above-mentioned proverb - one of the ten men said that he would leave a woman who does not know how to cook.

This data is not negligible if we take into account that the three thousand Italians were questioned, 50% of them revealed that a dinner saved at home is far more romantic than going to an exclusive restaurant with a partner, and thought it was the same answer for 45% questioned a ladies.

Cooking is the one most important skill you can endeavor. It is the way of life, it always has been. Food, water, and shelter are all necessities, and are a need not want for every human being.. What ever happened to family time at the kitchen table? Showing love and respect, while sharing a meal and talking about daily activity. Nowadays, people are so busy that they forget to stop and smell the apple pie. I'm serious. Families rarely have a sit down dinner with everyone present unless maybe for a holiday. Can you imagine, the thrill of coming home after a game of golf every day, and there sits a table fit for a king, or stumbling in at 2 am and here is a nice supper waiting for you, yummi. It's so very important for a man to know that he is going to get a big meal, night or day when he gets home.

So if you want to keep your beloved man, make sure that he is not hungry!
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