When joke goes wrong
When joke goes wrong
A young man named Jack Vale is known for his jokes, which he regularly records for YouTube. They usually succeeds him, but this time it seems he went a little too far with provocation and got punch in his nose!

A guy who is known for his jokes and record them for YouTube has carried away this time, and it could be said that he had a bad day, because not all people are prone to jokes like him.

In fact, Jack Vale has a habit that in his jokes use gadget that produces unpleasant sounds, such as "wind release".

This time, he used this toy to confuse and make a joke with people in a supermarket. In this way he wanted to see how everyone will react to his humor. Some reactions are more interesting than the others, but this is the first time that Jack got a beating for his joke. Despite convincing that he had no bad intentions, and that it was a hidden camera, the offended man those "wind releases" did not perceived as a joke. He went towards to him and hit him in the face.

Jack was very close to finish behind the bars because of his humor, but fortunately the offended man had not filed the charges.

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