What awaits us in 2020.
What awaits us in 2020.
Futurists have announced that awaits as a very promising future with flying cars, cities that are powered by sunlight, biofuels and many other things, all by the year 2020.

Associate at the Institute for the Future Mike Liphol says how technology is developing continuously, he does not believe that the promised projects will see the light of the day when it is scheduled. He said that they help people to think systematically about their future. He said that they do not give answers, they give them predictions, and you see what are the (im)possible prediction for the next decade.

1. The basis for the robots on the moon
Despite the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan recently, and the current nuclear crisis, the Japanese continued to work on a project to build a robot base on the moon, that will be build by robots and that will be used by robots.

2. Fast train from Beijing to London
The Chinese have a very ambitious plan to link East and West railway line for fast train, from Beijing to London, and although it sounds simple, it will be difficult to get permission to build a railway from all seventeen countries through which the train will pass.

3. Self-directing cars
A scene from the movie Demolition Man in which Sylvester Stallone enters the cab, where he says where he wants to go, the car drive him to that place, maybe it is not that far future, since many of them try to do that. However, before that step is designing a car trains, which need no driver, and then the cars that can think of themselves. Also, Liphol suspected complex infrastructure for cars on the road can be designed by then.

4. Flying cars
While the American agency for development of advanced military technologies DARPA patented a flying car, it will use only the army and will not be mass produced. Just as with self-directing cars - it can not be so quick to design the infrastructure, in this case an air communication.

5. Controlling devices with mind
As the brain is still unexplored territory, and scientists and science fiction writers for years are talking about controlling minds. However, although it is possible to incorporate the chip into the brain, one does not use all the features of the brain and does not understand all the neural activity, so thoughts of controlling other devices are still very feasible.

6. A computer with human intelligence
The company Cisco, which is a worldwide leader in networking, announced several years ago to work on a computer that will have the processing power of the human brain, namely, human intelligence, and that will cost $ 1,000. Liphol considered to be realistic, but the computer will not be intelligent in the true sense of the word, but only more capable.

7. Translators in mobile phones
As the process of globalization accelerates, more people are working on the design of a universal translation, and we see that Google translate does not translate exactly the best. This is because each language is very complex. The plan is that such a program is inserted into a mobile phone, and Mike is considered that it is feasible by 2020. year, but there will be some errors, as well as minority languages will have to wait a while longer.

8. Synthetic brain that works like a real one
We have already determined that it is feasible to make a computer with human intelligence, and scientists from Switzerland said that it can be made to function as genuine, and have created a machine with 10,000 neurons. However, the human brain contains billions and billions of neurons, given that we do not know how the brain works, it is unlikely to make a synthetic mind to work as a human mind.
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