An unlikely friendship
An unlikely friendship
An incredible story of a friendship between orangutan Surya and greyhound Roska proves that friendship really has no limits.

After they met five years ago in a reserve for endangered animals, orangutan and dog became inseparable friends, according to Daily Mail.

Five years ago was Rosko followed TIGERS staff, the Institute of endangered and rare species, on their return from Myrtle to reserve. First it saw an orangutan, and when Surya saw the dog, the orangutan ran towards him and began to play with it.

Dr. Bhagavan Entlo, the founder of the reserve said that dogs are usually scared of primates, but these two are now very close. They turned a few numbers to see if the dog belongs to someone, but since no one answered, Rosko stayed with them.

There was also a picture book with photographs that testify to the extraordinary friendship, and at a bookstore in Georgetown, South Carolina, best friends the picture book was signed by an extensive group of kids who wanted their signature on their books.

The book Surya and Rosko shows photos of friends that really enjoy being together, and spend their days in the reservation.
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