Underwater Wedding
Underwater Wedding
Unusual underwater wedding of a couple from Mexico was held in Cancun. A good luck with them divided over two hundred people at a depth of five meters.

Alberto Dal Lago (41) and Karl Munuia (43) have decided to get married underwater. With this step, they like to point out the vulnerability of sharks. Alberto and Karl exchanged rings, signaled their vows and kissed each other before they emerged to the surface.

Alberto, diving instructor, and Karl, a real estate agent, met during a joint dive and realized that they share the same passion. Alberto said he was attracted by a woman who loves the sea and shares his love for sharks.

On the wedding was invited over 300 guests from South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, France and Italy. But only 205 of them could attend the underwater wedding, so this pair is not broke the record for number of guests on an underwater wedding. Italian couple owns the record with 261 guests, as reports the Telegraph.

Sharks have become endangered due to the large catches and changes in their ecosystem caused by human activities. According to the International Union for the preservation of nature, 50 of the 300 species of sharks are classified as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered.
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