Tumors treated with tobacco
Tumors treated with tobacco
Indonesian clinic Griya Balur really has a special methods of treatment of the patients with tumor. Instead of the usual methods, their patients are treated no less than - with a tobacco smoke.

Doctors of the Indonesian clinics assure their patients that a smoke treats many serious diseases such as autism and cancer, and say that over the past ten years, with this unconventional method they cured more than 60 thousand people.

The founder of this clinics, Gretha Zahar, explained that in her cigarettes, which they call divine cigarettes, there are ingredients that extract mercury from the body.

Using a divine cigarettes they also treat and emphysema. Through the ears, nose, throat and wounds on the body they blow cigarette smoke, which absorbs free radicals in the treatment of tumors. Pharmacologist Aris Widodo even claims that smoking is good for health.

Widodo said that smoking helps to resolve tension, improve concentration and calm nerves. Tobacco is the cheapest alternative to other expensive drugs, tranquilizers like Valium.
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