This is a real mirror-man
This is a real mirror-man
Gustav Troger is an artist who lives in Australia. He made a strange suit that when he wears it he becomes a true mirror-man.

Wearing this suit Gustav wants to draw the attention of people all around the world ... to ask about their reality or simply to see some reality when they see him in such suit of mirrors.

This artist travels around the world to photograph the famous and interesting sites in the world. His suit is completely covered and is composed of pieces of mirror and also has a cap that when it was pulled then he is fully covered with mirrors.

This unusual artist said that the suit is the same as brush. The ones that see him have different reflections in his suit, and it all depends on which side they are watching him. He has already visited many world landmarks like the Great Wall of China and he now intends to visit many more of them.

He also wants to write a travel book in which he will describe the people's reactions to his suit made of little mirrors .. How does this art of his looks like and how it all looks when he wear clothes made of mirrors you can see in the video below.

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