Tesla's tower - Symbol of Belgrade?
Tesla's tower - Symbol of Belgrade?
The capital city of Serbia could receive a symbol that would overshadow the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty, if the authorities hear the proposal of the Serbian Academy of Sciences, whose idea is building the Tesla tower.

The president of this institution Raja?i? Peter, has found the proposal to a new neighborhood in Belgrade, made scientific development center Nikola Tesla, whose buildings would be built in the shape of the tower that would illuminate the city with lightnings.

"Apart from scientific character, it would be the city attraction as the idea of making lightning. At certain times of day it would shone on the city, which gave a special challenge. You know what the Eiffel Tower means for Paris. Tesla's tower would be the same for Belgrade, " for 'Blic' says Raja?i?, adding that the Centre is conceived as a place to gather innovative people, cooperating with other scientific institutions and innovators.

"We want to create a place where we can send the new products to the world, and not only that they come from the world to us. We still do not have the development center of its kind that would be associated with development centers in Europe and the world and with whom we could cooperate. We do not share information with the world, and it is very important for any development, "said Raja?i?.

The first appearance of the building that would contain conference rooms and perhaps a hotel, is designed by the young designer Maria Popivoda, but Peter Raja?i? says it is just an idea that could change or upgrade the ideas of other architects and designers.
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