Takos with the lion meat
Takos with the lion meat
In the Takos restaurant in Tucson, in the U.S. state of Arizona, after the meat of python, alligator, elk, kangaroo, rattlesnakes and turtles, now they serve the meat of a lion.

Restaurant "Boca Takos and tequila, " said that it receives orders for an African lion Takos, which will be offered from 16 February, and that even few curious customers have already reserved the new specialty of the house.

Restaurant owner Brian Mazon said that the exotic Takos are on his menu every Wednesday for six months, and so far has tried "almost all the stuff to what we can to come, "tell AP. Most exotic Takos at the restaurant costs between three and four dollars, while for the lion's meat Takos guests have to pay 8.75 dollars, writes the daily "Star".

According to the rules of Administration Food and Drug Administration, the lion or any other animal that is hunted for food can be sold as long as it is not an endangered species, said U.S. agencies. Takos is traditional Mexican dish of tortillas with meat or vegetables.
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