Super-Earth, a new habitable planet
Super-Earth, a new habitable planet
A new study of astronomers has shown that there is a planet that is in the area suitable for the creation of life. Twenty light-years distant planet Gliese 581d, say astronomers, perhaps it is the first planet outside the solar composition that could really support life as we know it on Earth.

New atmospheric modeling studies of astronomers found that the mentioned planet is in the area suitable for creating a life around their stars in what is the possible existence of the water. This side of the world could in many ways resemble the Earth and it have oceans, clouds and rain, according to

For previous several similar studies, it is along the same lines, but with the discovery of the closest, though not the ultimate proof that on this planet flows water. The study states that Gliese 581d is about seven times larger than Earth and has a dense atmosphere on the basis of carbon dioxide.

Eternal day and eternal darkness

In addition to these planets, astronomers have discovered five planets orbiting the star Gliese 581, which is a red dwarf, and besides Gliesea Gliese 581d and 581g it is also interesting among astronomers because the system itself is in the 'green zone'.

Astronomers say that the Gliese 581d receives only one-third the energy of their parent stars, relative to the amount of energy the earth receives from the Sun. Also that planet, they guess, is maybe always facing only one side to its star, which means that one half the planet is in eternal day, and other half is in eternal night.

When the first time this planet was discovered, astronomers have believed that the night side of the planet is under perpetual ice, but this new study say that would Gliese 581d might have water, if it is an atmospheric layer of carbon dioxide and dense enough that it could be heat through the greenhouse effect and global circulation of warm air from the planet's day side to the night side.
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