Stadium made of 1 Million Legos
Stadium made of 1 Million Legos
Paul Jansen, a professor who works at the University of Ohio, made a copy of the existing stadium in the town with a million Lego pieces. Copy has a proportion 1:1000 and he is compiling this for full two years. Stadium Ohio can accommodate up to 6,000 lego visitors.

In this was invested over 1,000 hours of work on the stadium and on this project. Whole 3 years of collecting pieces, and 2 years of the lying Lego pieces.

He started with this in 2005, studying the dimensions of the stadium, watching the satellite images and photographing during the game from the part of the stadium for the press.

The biggest challenge was the curved parts of the stadium, because from the beginning he tended to make it exclusively from all the blocks, with no use of glue.

If he was buying all the parts, the project would have cost him between 50,000 to 75,000 $, but he said he already had most of the bricks in his collection, or has changed over the internet. This stadium of Lego will be posted in the lobby of University.
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