Sports Commentating
Sports Commentating
The skills of commentating are something that can be acquire over years of practice. Successful use of language often depends upon the speaker being able to assume considerable background knowledge of his topic in his audience. Commentators express their judgments of the quality of the game or of an individual player. The emphasis here is on having very strong knowledge of the game the commentator is talking about. If they don't have strong background and technical knowledge the audience will figure out and the commentator instantly becomes boring and not relevant. By being up to date on the latest happenings and having a strong informational background to their sport a commentator can bring out the best in the game and entertain and excite the audience listening to him or her. An interview with Drew Morphett a famous Australian commentator gives us the following information about what it takes to be a good commentator; "A decent memory, good eyesight and a reasonable voice".
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