Exploring the Sport of Dodgeball
Exploring the Sport of Dodgeball
Dodgeball is a really fun game that is played in schools all over the world. All you need is a ball and a bunch of other people and one can always find people in school willing to throw balls at each other.The rules of the game are very simple: two teams are made and many balls are given to each team and the basic object is to throw balls at each other and try to hit people on the other team while dodging the balls being thrown at you. Wikipedia has this to say about the game. What is interesting about this game is that it is very prevalent in schools all across the country and is usually played at all levels. It is possible that other games were also invented in schools by youngsters and then turned into proper sports played all over the world. A game played at a school once involved a bunch of friends sitting on chairs in the cafeteria and dribbling a basketball as close to the floor as possible and passing it around the circle of friends. As the ball became too low to the ground to dribble anymore the person was eliminated and the game continued until one person won the game. There have been a few criticisms hurled at the sport of dodgeball, claiming it is too violent for children to play and a lot of them get hurt while playing. Young children should be strictly monitored when they are playing and they should only use very soft balls that wouldn’t hurt anyone.
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