Sponge Bob isn't good for kids
Sponge Bob isn't good for kids
According to a recent survey, a cartoon Sponge Bob SquarePants has a detrimental impact on children and their health, no less than 9 minutes of intense action in children causes problems with attention and learning.

Problems were reported in a study in which 60 children divided into three groups. One was watching Sponge Bob, the second one was watching cartoon Kaya, and a third drew. After nine minutes, the children are doing test of mental function on the basis of which it was concluded that those who have watched Sponge Bob done tasks worse than others.

However, the most interesting is that even experts who participated in the survey results received with caution. Expert in child development at the Children's Hospital in Seattle Dimitri Kristakis explained that this is due to the small number of participants.

Kristakis said that parents, however, must be aware that programs that are characterized by dense content actions are not appropriate for younger children. It is important what kids watch and not just how long they are watching television.

Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling educator of Enter, Milan Radovanovic believes that because certain fora and fittings that allegedly controversial cartoon, not for ages under 10 and 12 years, but that does not cause mental disorders.

Branka Tisma explained to the parents, that it much depends on whether the cartoons have harmful impact on the child. Light effects and aggressive scenes can adversely affect child development. What we experience as a murder, they look different, it is important that parents talk with children about the cartoons. In this way, they can be a good source of learning, as Tisma said.
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