The Snakes' Skeleton
The Snakes' Skeleton
Skeletons of The Snakes are not alive and they cannot attack you but still they are scary as hell but still amazing to observe. The backbone of the snakes is made up of many vertebrae attached to ribs. Humans have around 24 ribs and 33 vertebrae but snakes can have from 100 up to 400 vertebrae with many ribs attached, so imagine the difference. That is what makes these legless creatures so flexible and easy to move! The snake’s bones have a very complex structure with many joins so snake can swallow much bigger objects than its own head. Most snakes can be divided into 4 groups based on their jaws, Aglyphous snakes (similar sized teeth), Opisthoglyphous snakes (a pair of 2 big teeth) , Proteroglyphous snakes (few short teeth ) and Solenoglyphous snakes (pair of 2 fangs). Over 3000 snake species can be found around the world. Giant ones like the 23 feet long pythons can squeeze the life out of a large antelope, smaller hypo or kangaroo and swallow it whole king Cobra can kill smaller elephant. Other snakes grow no longer than a pencil. In captivity, some snake species can live as long as 50 years.
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