Smelly flower blossoms again
Smelly flower blossoms again
A thousand of visitors have flooded the Botanical Garden Basel, in Swiss. More than 10,000 people came for the first time to see the giant flower plant Amorphophallus titanum, known as the corpse flower because of its characteristic smell of a rotten meat.

The plant comes from Sumatra and is known for its distinctive smell flower which many described as a combination burned sugar and rotting flesh. Scent attracts insects to pollinate it, but fortunately for humans, this fascinating plant blooms very, very rare, even in the wild. So far, the worldwide is recorded only 134, and Basel's giant was the first that blossomed after 17 years.

Besides the smell and the shape of flower Amorphophallus titanum is known for its size and rapid growth when it is in the process of reproduction. Ripe flower can reach the size up to 2.5 meters making it one of the largest flowers in the world. Its size reaches the respectable time - Botanical Garden in Basel has recorded average growth of 6 centimeters a day.

Unfortunately, how fast it grows so fast it decays. When the process of pollination is complete, which is usually within 72 hours, the flower fades easily. As this flourished in Basel on Friday, probably counts his last hours. Therefore, the Botanical Garden this weekend has its doors open a 24 hours a day because of it, a webcam was photographed it every 10 minutes. Numerous visitors clearly did not bother the stink that the plant grew around itself. The last plant in Switzerland that flourished before was 75 years ago.

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