The smallest caravan in the world
The smallest caravan in the world
Just recently this little wagon is launched, which is available for a nice cost. It is designed so that it can be hooked onto the scooter, a transport which which is now used by a growing number of people.

ETA says that this interesting caravan is not suitable for longer trips. For the price of 6,200 euro, the owner will get the inside diagonal 19-inch TV and minibar, and it can be s used even to make a tea.

More and more people begin to rely on scooters. But if you're away from home, you can not hide from the rain or wind. If the batteries run out, for drivers of electric scooters there is an possibility remains that its transport can be easily pushed, or invite a friend to come pick them up. This wagon, solves these problems, as Yannick Read said, a representative of the company ETA.

ETA has developed QTvan, to help all those who have had unpleasant experiences with scooters, away from their homes. QTvan cost 6,200 euro and it is the smallest sedan in the world, and it was named after the three typical of the British Association: queuing, tea and caravans.

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