Skyscraper as a spiral staircase
Skyscraper as a spiral staircase
Skyscrapers in Dubai will look very boring if Spanish architects start from the realization of the project that have been made in Abu Dhabi, according to foreign media.

Specifically, in Abu Dhabi could dawns a skyscraper that looks like a spiral staircase, and that environmentally friendly. The Spanish company 'Nabito' has designed a magnificent building that each tenant on each floor provide to the living room out in your its own garden.

CNN reports that a company from Barcelona, won the contest in New York non-governmental organizations for the arts and architecture. Co-founder of 'Nabito' Alessandra Fatikanty explained that her company is now discussing with colleagues in Abu Dhabi on the possibility that the gardens on the floors soaked with water from underground sources, which should draw deeply from the wells located in the center of the building.

It is a mixed structure building, which will be residential for apartments, and offices and also a public areas. Fatikanty said that the desire of authors to the 'Stairscraper' is as much greenery, and each floor has its green surface. Due to the different position in relation to the sun, on some floors of the plants would be greener, which will appear that the every garden remembers its own season.
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