Scratching is addictive!
Scratching is addictive!
Scientists have confirmed that the scratching can be 'addictive' just by watching someone who is scratching. The phenomenon was given the name 'transmissions scratching', and it might lead to the fact that in a room full of people all begin to scratch at the very mention of fleas. Also, research has shown that people start scratching and watching footage of someone who does the same, similar to yawning, as the Telegraph writes.

Dermatologists at the University of North Carolina believe that scratching becomes addictive because the brain becomes hyper-sensitive and when we see someone close to us scratching our brains any change in the skin connect to scratching. During testing of 25 volunteers watched five minutes of footage in which people were scratched on their left hand, and some have observed a person sitting quietly in a chair.

Then the doctors put on the skin of volunteers the histamine which induced scratching, or a simple liquid. It was found that people who have watched the clip scratching scratched twice more than those who watched quietly sitting. Scientists hope that the results of this research is to help people who suffer from chronic scratching and other skin diseases.
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