Robots made of rubber
Robots made of rubber
How to define a robot...? Well, it's an automatically guided machine which is able to do tasks on its own, almost always due to electronically-programmed instructions. But looking at these rubberbots, we wonder can they do any of those things. They are just tiny robots made out of rubber by using a glue and laser machine.

It’s very simple to make them, but you need a lot of patience and creativity, because there are a lot of pieces that you should glue together, and with only a few colors it can be hard to get the texture that you want for your creation. It has also a low budget, but it has its charm because it’s not fancy and technical as all the other robots that we are using today.

They are definitely less scary than any other robots, although some of them can even remind you of “Transformers”. Another not so scary robot is this robolamp that will give your home a geeky appearance. You should definitely try to make one if you have a kid.
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