Robots in Japanese hospitals
Robots in Japanese hospitals
In Japan, the products of high technology has long been used as a tool in everyday life - from robots to help elderly and sick in hospitals to the toilet that analyzes urine.

Robots can care for the elderly, washing, cleaning, helping them getting up and served them coffee, reports Deutsche Welle.

In Japanese homes will soon become a normal thing a special kind toilet. It is a toilet bowl, which analyzes the composition of urine. It runs on electricity, and the next cup is a screen that responds to touch, with various buttons.

Device was invented by a famous Japanese producer of sanitary installations "Toto". Representative of the group "Toto" Tomoko Takiji explains how to measure the quantity and composition of urine. "Through the window you enter the name of the person concerned, pours the urine and whatever else needs to do is to push the button, and the toilet begins with measurement, " she explained.

Presentation of the WC- toilet was held in a modern exhibition center in Tokyo's fourth Sakurashinmachi. The amount of water increases when urine is put into that pot. Thus, the sensor immediately registers the amount of urine in milliliters. Behind the toilet is a device analysis. Doctors and hospital staff, but also old and sick, can easily use this appliance.

Memorial Hospital Mitsuo already installed one such toilet-cup and there have been very pleased. In less than 20 seconds, the display appears toilet computer analysis results. It may also be printed, because the toilet was built and a cup of laser - the results are divided into columns, and vividly presented, and graphics. There are all important values, the temperature of urine through the pH-value, to the amount of sugar it contains. Those who want, by pressing a certain button and the results can be instantly over the Internet to transmit the results to your doctor.

The care of elderly people, robots are in Japan already checked assistants. But some of these technical and butler came to Germany, for example, "Paro, a robot that looks like a white baby seals.

This machine helps the sick in a German home for the elderly. "'Paro' is a robot with which to form friendships. I just joined. To wake it needs two seconds. And it's the real o cub. Just see its large dark eyes. And the view from below ... These are the factors that cause a particular reaction - people simply want to protect and embrace the robot. "

Gernot Werner is the head of the home for elderly care "Maternus peg bar in Gerolschtein, in the German province of Rhineland-Palatinate. There are especially a lot of people suffering from dementia.

Electro-seal is there active for three years now. It usually costs 3,000 euros and is equipped with the latest technology. "This robot has different sensors: detect temperature, touch and caress, can be counted and analyzed. Do we want someone good? Do me a caress, or just attack? He adjusts his behavior around by moving, blinking, and the typical way runs fins and calls for communication, or that restricts communication when it notices that did not achieve a good effect. "

The technique should be beautiful, it is important in Japan, it is a rule that applies even to high-tech toilets, says Tomoko Takiji, which in the exhibition center in Tokyo, but a new device for disabled persons. Life of old with high technology becomes more interesting, though robots can not replace human closeness and warmth.

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