Robot begs for money
Robot begs for money
People that beg for money on the streets of Seoul Unusual got new rivals, in the form of a small robot that motivates bystanders to give him money.

Robot named Dona creation of a South Korean designer Kim Min Su, who is its unusual discovery offered for sale via the Internet.

Kim was actually motivated to promote individual donations, a charming little robot Don made in order to collect donations for various charitable events throughout the world. Judging by initial reactions to Donnino applications, the concept could be very successful.

This robot is capable of moving on to the public and ask passersby for a donation, buying their attention interaction, or standing in place and expresses his gratitude to the generous people who throw money in the bucket.

Electronic beggar, whose navigation is generally very simple, it can be purchased over the Internet, and is not yet known at what price.

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