Restoring the luster of amber
Restoring the luster of amber
Vinegar is not only tasty and refreshing addition to salads, but also can be used for removing water scale, and alcohol is not only for disinfection but also for cleaning and maintenance of jewelry. Here are some interesting tricks to save you time and money.

Water scale is a major cause of failure of home appliances. To make your device remained functional, clean and tartar try to use this trick. Three small teaspoon of citric acid dissolve in a pint of cider vinegar.

Pour mixture into apparatus and boil it. After the pour is boiled, add the clean water and boil again.

Because of longed storage, jewelry made of amber can lose their sheen but they can be refreshed with alcohol.

Soak the cotton wool with alcohol, wipe your jewelry well and leave it to dry in a dark place. After it is dry, polish it with a woolen cloth and your jewelry will look like new.
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