Referee at night becomes a woman
Referee at night becomes a woman
Valerio Fernandes Gama, a 32-year-old Brazilian soccer referee professionally judge the championship match of the State of Ceara, and at night, he says, he is becoming a woman. "My name female is Laleska and I use it only at night when I dance in my hometown Beberibeu" courageously revealed a football referee. All his colleagues and players know of his transvestite and homosexual tendencies.

"Of all the soccer referees who know from Ceara I'm the only gay. So far, no one had said nothing rude to me about that. I never experienced discrimination or prejudice in soccer because of that. I must admit that everyone still respect me as if I am a lady ", says this unusual referee. To the "discovery" came after he a local soccer club players saw him in one night club.

He expected an awkward response, and remained pleasantly surprised after his players congratulated him for the courage. "For my feminine side they sometimes called me Miss. It is interesting that to me, now that they know what I am, never say 'fag' or 'son of a bitch', while they use these terms regularly to insult the other judges, those of heterosexual orientation.
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