Prize Money in Sports
Prize Money in Sports
Many advantages come with playing professional sports all over the world. The biggest advantage for many people has to be the amount of prize money that they receive from winning the top spots in their chosen sport. Sport has a lot in common with normal business practices but many people don't realize it. In sports just like in business, the more popular the sport is the more people will pay to watch the sport, so in turn more revenue will be generated by the organizing body of the sport. This leads to a bigger show being put on for the pleasure of all those paying fans and in turn the top athletes are paid huge salaries because they bring in so much money. The more popular the sport, the higher the prize money will be. However we have to stop here and ask what is the world's most popular sport then and which sport has the highest prize money given out to the winning team or individual athlete. An article online gives us a run down of the sports that pay out the highest prize money funds in the world. Prize money will continue to increase along with salaries of players in the world of sports. It is a natural fact that has many reasons and the pot of money to be won will continue to inspire athletes and teams to perform at their highest levels for many years to come.
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