Polar Bears Playing with Cameras
Polar Bears Playing with Cameras
Cameras were "disguised" in the iceberg and the lump and they were meant to withstand the temperatures up to - 40 degrees Celsius. But they couldn't escape bears' curiosity. "Spy" Camera of British BBC has become the target of the polar bear.

Curious animals, which are well-known documentary film makers wanted to capture at close range, assaulted on expensive, sophisticated equipment and completely destroyed it.

Polar bears are on the Endangered Species List. Although not currently in danger of becoming extinct, the continuing loss of its sea ice habitat where we see the polar bears enjoying in the YouTube video would adversely affect its living range.

The documented loss of the essential size of its habitat range is due to global climate change; this means a smaller area in which to find food and live.

Unfortunately this may ultimately lead to the threatened extinction of the polar bear in the future as the areas of sea ice flows melt earlier and more thoroughly in once-dependable food gathering regions. We must do all we can to ensure the continued existence of these curious, playful, and magnificent animals.

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