Paper stronger than steel
Paper stronger than steel
Scientists at the University of Technology in Sydney have been able to make a new kind of material that is lighter, has a lower density, it's stiffer and stronger even than steel. This material is not only one of those discoveries that end up as a dead letter. It is the paper and provided the hopes and expectations of scientists, it could experience a wide use, says

It is a graphene paper, which is made of several single-hexagonal sheets of carbon that is chemically reformed from graphite. In comparison with steel, graphene paper is six times lighter, it's twice as strong, there are six times less dense, 10 times the tensile strength and 13 times greater flexibility then steel.

Because it is a graphene, this paper has some interesting electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. But what is perhaps the most important thing is that its production is neither difficult nor expensive. This means that the possibility of its application in industry is almost unlimited, like the automobile industry, or aircraft, who would become easier and more economical then ever.
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