Oprah ate a 30 pounds of pasta
Oprah ate a 30 pounds of pasta
Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey admitted that in the days of greatest depression she could to eat up to 30 pounds of pasta with cheese. She has never hiding that the comfort of depression she often sought in food. However, in a recent interview she surprised everyone by admitting that during the worst depression she was literally choking in the unhealthy food.

"I ate about 30 pounds of pasta with cheese, I'm not joking, really. This was a period in my life when I was so depressive. I knew that I was depressed because I already did enough of show to recognize it". Oprah spoke that openly about her uncontrolled feeding.

As a cause of depression, Oprah is mentioning 1998 year when the "Chucky" beat her film "Beloved" on the cinemas. "I have not even heard about that movie! I was so shaken that I asked then the head chief to make me pasta with cheese and so it all began"- said the star in the first broadcast television show Piers Morgan Tonight.

"I think that for the people who get a chance to succeed in life sorted so that if one overcome the lesson, you will not need to repeat it more ", concluded Oprah.
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