Only 0.2 seconds for this photo
Only 0.2 seconds for this photo
The staunch astrophotographer Alan Friedman gave himself a huge task. It was catching the right moment and the right time, to take a photo of the International Space Station at the time when the shuttle Discovery is still connected to it in the time as they pass in front of the Sun as it was seen from the Earth.

Friedman has succeeded, and the photo that convey his arguments and it is really a great work, a real masterpiece, because the place and time are the perfect hit. The astrophotographer drove himself 2,880 miles from his home in Buffalo, the state of New York, and come to Florida and the Winter Star Party.

'I went there because of the warmer climate, peaceful sky, and because of the friends astronomers. When I heard that ISS will fly in front of the sun ... I had to try to take a photo of it, "he wrote on his Web site.

And now the most extraordinary thing of all, the transit of ISS in front of the sun lasted only 0.2 seconds. "We have set the camera right in time for the recording. I estimated how much I have a small time for this photo ... a few hundred meters of times and I would not have succeeded. What a happy day!, " concluded Friedman.
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