Oldest working model
Oldest working model
Carmen Dell Orefice is the oldest model that even in the age of eighty do catwalk. She is the living proof that age and beauty go together.

The 80 years old model certainly sounds like a fashion oxymoron. But style icon Carmen Dell Orefice, the oldest active model, showed that doing catwalk at that age is not only possible but also wonderfully beautiful.

This fashion veteran, which celebrated her 80th birthday, shot her first cover for Vogue in 1947, when she was only 15. She posed to the most famous photographers such as Richard Avendon, Irving Penn, Cecil Biton, Norman Perkinson. And while many of hers peers are mainly walking with sticks, elegant and timeless Carmen continues her catwalks. With its height of 178 centimeters, ready-made number 38 and sit distinctive curls, she worked for John Galliano fashion show, Ermelo and this year Alberta Ferretti models at Milan's Fashion Week.

Carmen Dell Orefice was the Italian-Hungarian origin. Due to frequent termination of her parents she lived in foster homes, but in 1942. year she and her mother settled in New York. When she was 13, in a bus in which she went to ballet, she was noticed by a wife of a famous photographer Herman Landshopha. Her sample pictures that were done by Jones Beach were her tickets for Vogue, with whom she signed a contract of 7.50 dollars per hour in 1946. She appeared on the cover of Vogue in October 1947, as the youngest model ever in this journal. In December, she was already photographed as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Cinderella in the company of supermodel Dorian Leigh, and actors Ray Boljera and Jose Ferrer.

She became the world famous in 1960. when she was photographed for the cover of Harpers Bazaar by Melvin Sokolski. Photo titled Las Meninas Carmen became famous among the numerous collections of photos. Carmen was the muse of Salvador Dali. She married three times and has a daughter Laura, who is a psychologist. She is not planning to retire yet.

Despite her early success, the famous model agent Eileen Ford did not want to represent her, and then Vogue lost interest in her. Carmen then began working other catalogs, earning 300 dollars per hour. In the world of modeling she re-entered in 1953. when she joined the agency Ford. And she never lived it after that. In his 66 years long career she was on the six Vogue's home pages, and she was the main face of a 14 cosmetic campaigns.

Dell Orefice has become a symbol of strength and courage in the world of fashion, which has forever captivated photographers, illustrators and designers with her posture and elegance. Carmen is all that in itself should carry any supermodel.

And she? She does not have intention to stop working. She do not care about no one's ideas how to look or how she should feel at this age. The retire is the word that she can not visualize. Carmen Dell Orefice once said that she retire when she go to bed. In a world obsessed with youth and beauty, Carmen Dell Orefice is a welcome reminder that those two do not necessarily have to be connected.
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