The oldest bodybuilder
The oldest bodybuilder
Britain Charles hated exercise all his life. In his eighties he decided he could start bodybuilding and is now the proud owner of a great number of medals. Charles Eugster is a retired dentist who is in his 91 year competing in bodybuilding and has so far won three gold medals at the World Championships in fitness.

Interestingly, most of his life Charles has hated exercise and only in the 50's began to swim after which he won a bunch of medals in rowing. Later even that was not enough, so he began to lift weights.

He said that he hated practicing at school. When he got married, his wife was not interested in exercising, so he adapt himself.

He went in the gym three times a week and exercise for an hour and a half. He is holding a high-protein diet and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Most importantly, he feels better than ever.
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