No more last meal for prisoners
No more last meal for prisoners
In Texas, the death row prisoners do not have an opportunity for the last meal any more, which was also the last gesture of mercy towards them.

This was caused by a brazen request of Lovrensa Russell Brewer, who was executed on 21. September, because of the racially motivated murder in 1998.

Brewer was killed by a lethal injection in Huntsville prison, after he asked for two pieces of fried chicken with onions, a triple cheeseburger with bacon, an omelet with cheese, beef, tomatoes, onions and peppers.

He also demanded a grilled meat in a tortilla, pizza with meat, a pound of grilled meat, half a loaf of white bread and a bowl full of roasted peppers with ketchup. For dessert, he asked for ice cream and ordered a cake with peanut butter.

However, he did not eat any of that, which enraged the state senator John Vitmaera, who is also Chairman of the Committee for the Texas criminal justice senate. He was angry because a lot of food and money was wasted this way.

He asked the Executive Director of the State Agency for prisons Brad Livingston to immediately revoke the last meals, threatening to do it himself, pulling the laws in Texas Congress.

Livingston agreed, the decision has immediate effected and now on death row prisoners in Texas will receive the same meals as any other prisoners.

As it's indicated by Telegraph, officials are not considered to impose certain restrictions - in Florida is allowed to spend a maximum of 40 prisoner per prisoner, and in California 50 dollars, while in several other U.S. states are allowed to use only those food that is at that time of execution in the kitchen of that prison.
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