New Victoria's Secret model
New Victoria's Secret model
After thin models that instead of alluring hips and natural breasts attracted the attention with their visible ribs and bones, 'Victoria Secret' is finally back to its roots and chose a girl with a beautiful female attributes - Kate Upton.

After a recent pictures from the launch of a new collection of swimwear 'Victoria Secret' did not talk about the sexy Swimsuits that we would like to see on the beaches, but about the shockingly skinny models like Candice Swanpoel.

With a painfully narrow waist and thin legs she didn't match nearly the standards of beauty that are known for this brand of underwear set by some former angels like Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks. Alessandra Ambrosio was criticized and in a few months after the birth of her daughters Anja she looks unhealthy thin and with a body away from the luxuries that is required for the underwear campaign.

But it seems that the 'Victoria Secret' recalled their glorious days, so in their ranks they called the eighteen-year-old Kate Upton.

Innocent facial expressions and a long blond hair, the photographs for the collection of 'Forever Angels' reminded us of the standards of healthy and therefore sexy physical proportions.

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