New Estimates of Demographer
New Estimates of Demographer
American of the Latin origin are an ethnic group in the United States, that in numerical terms is the fastest growing group. Last year's census shows that today in the U.S. live 50 million and 500 thousand people of South American origin, which means that one in six Americans is Hispanic or Latino-American descent.

Between the 2000 and 2010 this American ethnic group has increased by 40 percent. Growth in the last ten years especially noticeable in the south of the United States - in states like Alabama and Georgia - where Latin people in the past were not so numerous.

African Americans are the second largest minority group, while the Asian community as well as and Hispanics - recorded high growth rate.

White people of European origin are still the majority in the U.S. but - as it's estimated by demographers - they would cease to be the majority within about thirty years.
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