Neanderthals were gourmets
Neanderthals were gourmets
Neanderthals, who lived about 30,000 years ago, aren't ate only meat but they also ate vegetables and cooked the food, just like their cousin, the modern man do, as the study found. According to previous assumptions Neanderthals were mostly hunters and carnivores, which may speed up their disappearance, while the first people, with which they lived about 10,000 years ago, the survivors as they accepted other ways of eating. But a new study published in the Annals of the American Academy of Sciences (PNAS) shows the missing man's relatives in an entirely different light.

By studying the fossilized teeth of Neanderthals with Belgian and Iraqi sites, scientists led by Dolores Piperno with the Department of Anthropology, American Museum of the Smithsonian have discovered traces of starch, which comes with numerous plants and traces of different vegetables and roots. Much of this food has undergone a physical modifications specific to cooking, which shows that the Neanderthals knew to serve the fire, just as the first modern humans did. 'These signs show us that Neanderthals were trying to improve the food and increase its nutrient content, " estimate the researchers.

'All these data indicate that the Neanderthal was sufficiently developed to prepare foods, regardless of whether the case is caught animal or picked plants'. Anthropologists say that the big adjustment in the purchase and preparation of food for hominids, or cooking plant foods began about 50,000 years ago.
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