Mouse that sings
Mouse that sings
A team of scientists from the University of Osaka, created a 'mouse that sings like a bird'.

The project was called 'developed mouse', and they used genetically modified mice disposed to mutations. "Mutations are the going force of evolution. We crossed genetically modified mice to see what happens. We were thoroughly reviewing every 'newborn'. One day we found a mouse that sings like a bird, "said lead researcher on the project, Arikuni Uchimura, who explained that the 'singing mouse' is born by accident, but that characteristics will be transferred to the future generations, writes the Telegraph.

Currently in their laboratory are located 100 ' singing mice'. 'I am surprised. I expected the mice in a different physical form, "Uchimura said. The team hopes that the research on mice will help finding out how a human speech evolved.
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