Most depressing day is 17 January
Most depressing day is 17 January
There are days when everything goes by your hand, and also those when it is best not to get up from the bed. For years, scientists were analyzing the statistics determine the best and worst days of the year. They believe that the third Monday in January is the saddest and the most depressing day this year.

Danish scientists at Northeastern University and University of Technology made an analysis of 300 million tweet users that were published online in the last three years. They found the key words and based on them they made a 'forecast'.

Psychologist Cliff Arnall has come to a mathematical formula that proves that the third Monday of the first month of the year, called the 'Blue Monday', is the most depressing day of all 365 days.

This year it's on 17th January and just that day many factors are joining that are inherent in depression, including New Year's broken promises, a backlog of bills, the fear of losing their jobs and all this combined with cold weather and grayness.

But do not worry, just six months later is waiting for you the happiest day of the year, and that is 17 July.

Besides the darkest and the happiest day, it was revealed that most couples engage in February, and this is all thanks to Valentine's Day, the 14th day of that month.

Breaking up usually occurs during the summer because both men and women then often cheat on their partners. We also observed that the most of women give birth in June, and a minimum of break ups was observed during Christmas.
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