Modern women don't do housework
Modern women don't do housework
Basic household that was previously performed by housewives are rare and most of the modern women do not know how to perform them, according to one Australian study.

After a study found that men of the new generation does not know how to do men's jobs, and that rather they changing a baby diaper then flat a tire, a study published by the "Courier-Mail revealed that women are no different. However only 51% of a lady of 30 years knows how to make a roast, while the traditional Australian Lamington cake known to make only 20% versus 45% of the older generation. Young ladies are not skilled in plant breeding, since only 23% knows how to do that. However, these results do not surprise the authors of the research, who say that the traditional role of women is rapidly changing.

"Modern women are more active, have multiple roles and they are willing to compromise in order to save time. So they have higher incomes than their mothers and grandmothers, so buying the cake is not unusual to them, "said lead researcher Mark Mekrindl.

He pointed out that the members of a so-called Y-generation, prefer to buy new things instead of fixing old ones, so it's rare that a young lady knows how to patch a hole or ear button. However, although they are not skilled in performing women tasks, they are skilled in the performance of the male tasks: the results up to 70% take out the garbage and 70% wash their car.
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