Milky way in 37000 pictures
Milky way in 37000 pictures
One young astrophotographer made a fully interactive panorama of the night sky with a view of 360 degrees. For that he needed even 37,000 photos. His name is Nick Risinger, a 28-year-old astrophotographer from Seattle. He moved more than 96,000 kilometers, from the western U.S. over South Africa, in order to make the greatest picture ever of the Milky way, writes Wired.

Risinger says that the aim of this is to educate and enlighten people about the hidden beauty of nature that surrounds us. He began this project in March last year with six astronomical camera and with his brother he went to the Nevada desert, to photograph the night sky. In June, Risinger was resigned to the Marketing Director in the firm where he worked and gave up the search for the darkest night sky that he could find.

Every night Risinger and his father made to between 20 and 70 photographs of the night sky in a long exposure in three colors of the spectrum. He wanted to do something that would represent a true picture of what would otherwise be seen, to make it brighter up to 3,000 times.

Now he plans to sell the result of his work on poster-size photographs and he is seeking for a buyer for his camera. He does not some specific appetite for earnings, and the only thing he wants is to make his work available to museums, a planetarium, or further work so that it can be used in school lessons.
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