Men are also gold-diggers
Men are also gold-diggers
It seems that the financial security became priority whether it is about women or about men. Even 55 percent of men admitted that they will marry someone just for money.

To enter into a marriage it is no longer need a love, nor romance, nor trust Although most of people talking about gold-diggers as they are women only, but there are no more rules. New research is shocking by discovery that there is much as 55 percent of married men that did that just for money. And when they do that they do not elect a woman they like.

It's all because of the economic crisis
Experts believe that the men gold-diggers are result of the economic crisis, and women that are chasing career and in doing so they earn very well, as portal reports. It is worrying that only 29 percent of women are carefully so the potential partners is asked to sign a premarital agreement.

Specifically, for women that document is not considered romantic at all. The contract that defines how to share resources and assets in divorce is important for 14 percent of women and 24 percent believe that violates the romance.

Instead of the heart - it's head
Men get married but still at the same think for themselves, and not with their heart. There was a large and sharp changes in the roles and expectations. That was concluded by psychologist Beverley Stone, adding that men today are looking for a rich partner that can offer them financial security.

Whether it is love or not, insurers urge for caution
The Insurance More Then, conducted by this interesting study says that protecting your finances before the marriage is of great importance.
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