Map of the world's biggest drunks
Map of the world's biggest drunks
Alcohol is the most drinking in northern Europe and the former Soviet Union, according to start the exploration conducted by the World Health Organization.

In the drink enjoy the most residents of industrialized countries in northern Europe, the continent where it is consumed alcohol by far the most in the world, according to a chart that was presented in Genoa a few days ago.

First is Europe, following with Australia and New Zealand, at least until the alcohol consumed in the countries and continents with large Muslim populations, such as North Africa, Middle East and South Asia, as brought the media.

Recorders in our continent are, believe it or not, the Bosnians, who annually consume 56 liters of pure alcohol, or 140 liters of 40-percent alcohol. Most of the drinking is brandy (73%), followed by beer (23%) and wine (4%).

SZO warns that alcohol was to blame for the deaths of 2.5 million people worldwide, which means that it is the bigger killer than AIDS and tuberculosis. Vulnerable to the very young people, aged between 15 and 29, which is now in the world died due to uncontrolled 320 thousand beverages, which would be necessary even more to fight this addiction, say experts.
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