Man smuggles 600 snakes on bus
Man smuggles 600 snakes on bus
Imagine that you are driving in the bus full of snakes. This is exactly what happened to the passengers of an Argentinean bus. They were not even aware that a hundreds of reptiles surrounds them.

Passengers of a bus in Argentina had a lot of things to see while the police search. In the luggage they found a 600 different snakes and other reptiles. The police intercepted the bus on a tip that is moved from the province of Santa Fe to Buenos Aires.

To make things even shocking, except for those ones in the trunk, next to a passenger on the bus they found a 40 more snakes. Local police are investigating a network of traders of wild animals, but they were still shocked.

From the luggage they pulled 444 snakes (boas, vipers and other), 186 pieces of endangered species of turtles, 40 lizards and a one Armadillo.

The man who smuggled animals, in Santiago del Estero has previously spent three months collecting them.
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